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Doesn’t work

I paid $14.99 USD and the app freezes before the game even starts. I can’t get in touch with the developer cause the link does not work to go to support. I would like my money back or get a fix to the app and nothing from the company. I have emailed them with no response. Worse game ever!

The game Coast Guard

This game really has a fabulous campaign, and detailed vehichles! I love how you are able to have so many camera views, such as seated at the water cannon, and able to take out the small boat to pick up samples of the water. The decks of the boats are well-designed! Well worth the money! I would recomend this game to people with newer Macs or laptops.

Doesnt Work!!!

I spent $20 on the game and it doesnt even open. This needs to be fixed

  • send link to app